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"What I do is art-photography. The interest lies in colours, and a simplicity in the approach. Linking to meaning, the essence of the image, capturing the inner self of the subject are quintessential for me. Being kinaesthetic myself, I experiment with ways (both photographic, and technical) of reproducing tactile textures. I believe that art is the space where synaesthesia emerges and happens to be cultivated."
Helen Zakhtser,
Member of Creative Union of Artists of Russia.
The works feature in the collections of:
- The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl, Russia
- National Gallery of the Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Russia

2009-2011 VGIK, Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov, Moscow, Russia
Photographer, Art Photographer

2011, Irina Tolkacheva: "Danse de Salon" and "Danse sur la Glace" by Helen Zakhtser

These photo-sequences by Helen Zakhtser are an intriguing project which, in our opinion, fit neatly into the contemporary trend for turning photography in a way of investigating the internal substance of things, rather than their outer exoskeleton. On the cusp of the twenty-first century we observe almost exactly the same things as in photography at the turn of the twentieth century, but with new technology and a new ideology. Using the basis of a "direct frame", which can present almost anything at all – a striking reportage image, a captured moment, a snap-shot, or any random moment when the shutter was pressed accidentally – on the basis of any of this an artist who fills their work with meaning and association can form an image which is a hundred miles from any prototype.
In these series the author has opted for a subject which might at first appear romantic, whilst the form is automatically the kind of archetypal memory we consider "beautiful" or "elegant". This is a risky path to follow, since it might be thought simply banal? Yet, such classical subjects present a valuable field for experiment. Can there be new meanings here, and how can they be perceived? It's very likely that beautiful people, beautiful clothes and beautiful dance continue to exert their appeal upon onlookers, who (perhaps unconsciously) keenly establish contact with images which, on one hand, may chime with their own individual experience, and on the other brings associations of the sublime, the 'artistic'. It means that the artwork is automatically perceived as a thing of elegance, because it was always intended as such.
The feeling of the original photograph remains – the observer can more-or-less guess its original context – the costumes of the dancers, the vaguely-watching crowds of spectators, the space where it all happens – and it all hints at the competition, the rivalries, the attraction-grabbing action. Yet the author has already moved away into a realm of dreams, images and memories of other worlds, in which real dancers are transmuted into a flickering image, and the photograph into some amalgam of a display on a thermal image-screen, a pastel drawing, stenciled graffiti and a view through wet matte glass. The photograph is already so unlike a photograph that observers may not even recognise it as such. Although from the second look the "documentary" image begins to peer through the technical and semantic layer process. The author finds an intriguing algorithm between the real and the depicted, which both fascinates and perturbs the viewers, forcing them to go back for a second impression.
The author's primary meaning – its "message", we might say – can't be immediately discerned. The author concentrates on the drawing, underscores and highlights the individual shapes, while suppressing others. Reality becomes radically altered, and takes on new colours and a different texture. How far does the meaning change in all this? The author takes on the eternal dichotomy between form and content on the level of the materials. She resolves it, while leaving space for interpretation and searching. Helen Zakhtser has succeeded in creating an image whose ambiguity captures our thoughts, and which gives us pause for thought.

2013, Irina Tolkacheva: "Portraits Of Moments" by Helen Zakhtser

Helen Zakhtser's photo-series "Portraits Of Moments” may be laconic in style, but technically complex. Each of the photographs has been colour-reworked by hand. Each of the images reproduced as photographs becomes a unique self-standing artwork. Out of a dark background, from absolute emptiness, the artist conceives a moment that is flushed with a single emotion. The photographer has chosen, perhaps, the optimal visual representation of a complex set of ideas – the musician's personality, the reaction of the audience, and the atmosphere which the music evoked. All that we see is this moment, emerging from a void – a moment turned into an image. The image seems simple, in its basic form – one letter, or one single note – but it helps us to conceive a welter of meanings, feelings, intonations and shades. Each performer is shown simultaneously as an outstanding and irreplaceable individual, and as a symbol – a symbol of a single moment of fusion with the music.
The photographs seem quite simple, static and self-sufficient – but they are simultaneously infused with an energy that pulsates somewhere below the surface, and seems somehow to slacken the tension. There is a tactile, tangible contact. This is what justifies the colour-reworking, that serves as a conduit between worlds – sound, emotion, and image.

2018, Ludmila Kochergan: "Ecce Homo" by Helen Zakhtser

In March 2018, the National Gallery of the Komi Republic hosted an exhibition by Moscow photographer Elena Zakhtser - who has successfully exhibited her work at many different displays and competitions. On this occasion, the venue where her latest projects were displayed was the city of Sykhtyvkar – the capital city of the Komi Republic. The topic of the pictures was sport, specifically boxing – an interpretation of man's inner strength and physical stamina, seen not only through the artistic images in the photographs, but also on the level of a philosophical reading of what the modern world understands by the term 'superhuman'.
The exhibition is relatively compact, comprising 19 works taken over the period of 2010 to 2017. In fact, the series 'A Tale Of Arms' dates from 2012, and in the main exhibition was divided into two separate themes – of boxers, and of bouts. The nub of the series is documentary material – even though the author doesn't list the dates or details of the bouts which are shown. Its documentary credibility relies not so much on the recognisability of the competitors and the branding on their sportswear, as on the effect of the outcome of their struggle, and what actually happens in each frame.
The photographs depicting boxers convey the highest achievement in artistic imagery – they are true portraits, which channel a different meaning, highlighting the subject's inner feelings, in which everything becomes outstandingly, holistically and sympathetically interwoven. We behold the boundless inner essence, the ephemeral present moment, and a glimpse into a future programmed from the outset for the moment of victory. The visual array of Elena Zakhtser's boxers – consisting, as it does, of a series of utterly differentiated individuals – nevertheless succeeds in presenting a single, potent, generalised image of what an athlete is. We see not only accomplished 'pros', but the overlay of some 'superhuman' traits – they are natural, human, and even routine.
Creating this kind of image cannot sidestep the element of adulation – the author endows the images with heroic greatness by citing a line from Virgil's epic poem 'the Aeneid' in the series' title – hymning the valour of those who, as legend prophesied, laid the basis for the civilisation of Ancient Rome. The juxtaposition of the heroism of antiquity alongside today's society – a society flailing to discover the roots of its own existence – once again raises the ideological context of the surrounding situation which harks back to a consolidation of a unified beginning, in a world where all is allotted by gender. We are led towards ideas that we should not shrink irrevocably from our understanding of humanity's stronger half.
The ideological depth of the exhibition was further bolstered by an extract from Friedrich Nietzsche's treatise 'Ecce Homo – Behold How Man Becomes Himself”. Here the issue goes beyond the material presented in the exhibition itself – elegantly enscribed by the Moscow Academy of Calligraphy, and creatively realised by students of the Komi Republic College of Arts, on the eve of the exhibition – but reaches into the author's own approach, which has become the underlying theme of her creative credo. In picturing his own era as a period of spiritual crisis, Nietzsche believed the key to man's transformation lay in the rebirth of Dionysian principles which have lain latent and oppressed in man due to the traditions of Christianity. By proclaiming the death of God, the philosopher laid the basis for recognition of deeper strata of the human soul – whose unveiling, as he saw it, should lead to the appearance of the 'superhuman'. The journey from the everyday reportage of a boxing bout, to conceptualised ideas about whether it is possible to find the modern prototype whom Nietzsche's treatise hailed, reveals a further aspect of the author's logic in creating her exhibition.
A further nuance the exhibition displays - on a level of sensory perception - is the exceptional quality with which the photos are printed. It's impossible to suggest that viewing a digital copy or reproduction could replace the immediacy of sensation produced by viewing the original work – a superbly achieved photograph. No electronic format is able to convey the author's whole intent to the viewer. Elena Zakhtsers' photographs are, first and foremost, artworks. Their author has a pre-determined artistic conception when taking each frame - achieved through the lighting, camera angle, background, and fully thought-out with that idea which in art is termed the study of nature. The choice to present the works in a black-and-white format certainly brings them closer to natural perfection.
The series entitled 'Set' had originally been intended as an element of the exhibition, bolstering a dramatic intensity in which the burning ardour of power, spirit and will could alternate with considered contemplation of all the static and immovable phenomena and objects of the surrounding world. It seems the author's selection of these objects, of differing textures, sometimes find a symbiosis at level of comparison – such as rags with wood, stone with metal.. but more frequently, and shown separately, as piled logs, or an upward-leading series of battered stone steps, a heap of shingles; or the single image in exception to the inanimate ideas of a half-open elephant's eyelid. Their textures are so tangibly shown that we perceive them simultaneously on both a visual and an imagined tactile level of sensation.
It seems likely that it should be so at such an exhibition - which aims at the concordant intersection of photography, sporting heroes, and a philosophical Weltanschaung – could become an interactive platform at which students could meet professional boxers. The students not only found out more deeply about the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, but gave their own personal presentations on topics such as the theme of medicine in the visual arts, or intellectual club games – where questions revolved around photography, boxing, and art, and concluded with the confident victory of connoiseurs.

2018 - "Visible and Visibility" Solo Exhibition, Yaroslavl Art Museum, Yaroslavl, Russia
The art of photography, after experiencing an infancy as the most accurate fixation of reality, turned to the problem of sensual individualized comprehension of the world. Elena, by continuing the tradition of "photography-research" in her works is as honest as possible with the viewer - allowing spectators to immerse themselves in the world of their own images, meanings and concepts, thus offering to become a partner in creating, and most importantly, realizing a new reality. Elena Zakhtser's photo-illusions - with the help of technical means and rare materials for printing - arise on the basis of completely real landscapes, objects, characters, to make viewera considerthe ambiguity of the image, and the infinite possibilities of its interpretation.
Elena Zakhtser works in series, although the idea of artistic understanding of the world and its place allows the author to combine the works from different series in one project. Twenty=nine of the author's work provide 29 possibilities to reflect on the human reality of the Universe.

2018 - «ANTINOMIA» Exhibition, "Nagornaya" gallery, the "Exhibition Halls of Moscow" Association, Moscow, Russia
The project of the experimental creative workshop poses the task of considering abstract photography as a special form of research and reflection of reality and was named "ANTINOMIA / reality inside out" because abstraction is antinomy, an opposition of reality. However, if in abstract art, abstraction exists as a subjective and emotional form of reflecting reality, it is often not directly associated with it and is largely subject to the psychology and imagination of the artist, abstraction in photography - and thanks to the presence of the photo process, is inevitably a part of reality, even as much as possible " (Latin “abstraction”), abstracting from it and plunging the viewer into a stream of associations and images formed in their mind.

2018 - "Ecce Homo" Solo Exhibition, National Gallery of the Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar, Russia
The National Gallery of the Republic of Komi presents the exhibition of Elena Zakhtser - a talented Moscow photographer who has successfully implemented more than one exhibition project shown in the regions of Russia. The force of attraction of Elena Zakhtser's photographs is based on the unity of philosophy, artistic image and documentary. Syktyvkar viewers are offered a further exposition, "Ecce Homo."

2017 - "Art-Eco" International Photo Exhibition, Hall of Fine Arts, "Lavrushinsky 15" Povolzhsky Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia
The genesis of all art is largely determined by the man's desire to imitate nature. Art in its essence is a means of harmonizing the psycho-physiological processes of human life, a way to integrate with our surroundings. By creating a thing of beauty, the artist creates harmony.

2017 - "Aesthetic Photography" Solo Exhibition, Novgorod Contemporary Art Centre, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
The curators present the "Aesthetic Photography" exhibition including about 50 works by Elena Zakhtser, from different museums and private collections. A number of series will be suggested to the attention of connoisseurs of art, professionals and amateurs of photography, where viewers will find something reflecting their personal mind and soul, as critics and experts of the photo industry have already noted at leading international competitions. Images are not linked to a particular time or political system, and are instead about the eternal, about beauty that does not prevent the prints from reflecting the world information and technogenic processes, although this changes the common understanding of photography. Viewers are invited to dive into the variety of printed materials available today, carefully selecting images in which the author changes both the content and perception of the fixed moment.
A subtle mosaic, rather than a simple mix of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Constructivism, Minimalism, and Abstract expressionism involve viewers in a new reality featuring elements of classical, non-classical and virtual aesthetic experience.

2017 - "Pas de!" Solo Exhibition, "Rachmaninov Garden" Photogallery, Saint Petersbourg, Russia
Dance and fight! Dance as a plastic expression of dreams, aspirations, experiences. Combat as a manifestation of the instinct of self-defence and survival. What is common and what is the difference between these two oldest arts, equally occupying the place in philosophy, science and religion? Elena Zakhtser shows two series of works: "Tale of Arms" and "Danses. Esquisses." One is documentary, the other is artistic; one is black and white, the other is coloured; realistic and impressionistic. The movement and calm of the human body are imprinted by Elena in an amazing figurative tonality, underlined by a special light-colour solution, which allows visitors to build their perception using mental-symbolic associations.

2017 - "Art Portrait Club" International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Arts, "Moscow House of Artists", Moscow, Russia
2016 - "Transformation" Exhibition part of "Tiefloart: Night of the Arts" event, Russian State Library for the Blind, Moscow, Russia
2016 - "Graphics of the Shadows" Exhibition, "Classics" Creative Association, Ivanovo, Russia
There are eternal truths. There are eternal values. There are eternal themes.
One of these themes is the theme of light and shadow, which every artist addresses sooner or later. It's impossible not to be caught up in the intricate play of light spots and whimsically wriggling shadows. This picture fascinates, prompting the artist to "capture a beautiful moment."

2016 - "Agaist the Stream /Red Gate" Travelling Exhibition, Russian Academy of Arts, Saratov-Tolyatti-Moscow-Ufa-Kazan, Russia
This large-scale research project is based on the methodology of the seventeenth-century European enlightenment movement leader, Jan Amos Komensky, who created an encyclopaedic work for youth "The world of sensory things in pictures". The task of the organizers of the project - through the works of artists of the early XXI century - is to reflect the diversity of the surrounding world of nature and human relations, to explore the process of modern art. In 2016, as part of an academic competition, art works were considered on 10 themes: Paradise, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Day and Night, Time, Seasons, Cataclysm, Space. More than 700 artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, 14 districts of the Volga region, as well as Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Vladimir, Vladikavkaz, Kaluga, Suzdal, Rostov-on-Don, and the Crimea took part in the competition. The displays of the travelling exhibition include more than 200 works by over 180 artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Samara, Togliatti, Izhevsk, Perm, Penza, Cheboksary, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, and Novosibirsk.

2016 - "Lipetsk Art Week" International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Arts, Exhibition Hall of Lipetsk Region, Lipetsk, Russia
2016 - Show "Danse de Salon", "Bossa Nova" dance house, Moscow, Russia
This show attempts to unite the tranquillity which art creates, with the expression, which dance contains.

2016 - III Moscow Photographic Salon, Gallery of Classic Photography. Moscow, Russia
Moscow Photographic Salon is an annual fair that brings together all participants of the Russian photography market – galleries, foundations and private collectors. This year the fair will be organized for the third time. It is still the only event in Russia presenting formulated offer in the field of photography and a clear system for standardization and assessment of photographic works. The Salon is positioned as an analog to world famous photographic fairs and aimed at establishing the Russian photography market and its integration into the global one.
Over the last years the fair that was initially purposed as a purely commercial affair has become an event contributing to development of an alternative view of photographic art and its history. Without any opposition to photographic institutions established in Moscow, the Salon offers a brand-new exhibition arrangement combining a permanently high, actually, museum level of exposition and club atmosphere.
“The idea of developing the Salon in a qualitative rather than in a quantitative sense was a deliberate decision”, says MPS director Mark Kobert. “The Salon is gradually becoming an important event in the world of photography, and it generates the need for organizing exhibitions of a very high level. The popularity of photography as a medium entails emergence of a great number of projects, and today project monitors enjoy widest opportunities of presenting really outstanding works to the audience”.
Most all significant photographic institutions and collectors from Moscow and Saint Petersburg take part in the Salon. Foreign participants are represented by galleries from Paris, Minsk and Brussels.

2016 - "Novgorod Art Week" International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Arts, "Dialog" Center of Modern Art, Novgorod, Russia
The project is a landmark event that brings professional works to Novgorod public.

2015 - "Ideal Space" Exhibition, VI International Project "Classic Abstract Art", "Nagornaya" Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
The IV International project «Abstract Art in Modern Russia» is a project destined to identify the art’s place in contemporary culture, to represent a greater variety of points of view with participation of foreign abstract artists. In this process abstraction is aimed at development of the concept of «the ideal» which requires support and development of culture, as well as a critical dialogue. That will materialize through a multi-plane process within «The Space of the Ideal» format. Abstract artists will take part in this dialogue, presenting their projects and acting as a team united by the common interest in development of the concept of «the Ideal».

2015 - "Visions" Fine Art Gallery Fair, Column Hall in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia
2014 - "Shape and Colour" Exhibition, "Nagornaya" Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
The "Shape and Colour" exhibition - a kaleidoscope of colour and monochrome frames, certificates our changing reality. Each image - is the author's opinion, vision, interpretation. Unusual camera angles capture the key objects characteristics, while the shape and colour brings their expressive values.

2014 - Exhibition within the project "Russian Photo Week 2.0" by Russian Photo Magazine, Photo Center on Gogolevsky. Moscow, Russia.
«Russian Photo Week 2.0» provides a benchmark in the field of photography and a sale platform.

2014 - "Abstract Art in Modern Russia" Exhibition, "Classic Abstract Art" III International Project, "Nagornaya" Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
"Abstract Art in Modern Russia” III International project is organized to support the culture by providing an art dialogue. The ability to think abstractly is one of the distinguished features of a person, which probably formed simultaneously with the language skills and is largely due to the language. Depending on the goals and objectives, we can talk about the same subject having different levels of abstraction in mind. Abstract art creates its own universe.

2014 - "Ars Longa" Exhibition, The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia
Romans said «Ars longa, vita brevis» having a reason: art lasts forever, but artists die and are forgotten. “Ars Longa” in our case should be understood not only as an annual catalogue but as a project, the ideal model, or a distant goal. When we say "real art", then clearly we mean cultural values, advanced technical skills and professionalism. We hope that all of that you find in our new edition.

2014 - "Abstract Architechtonic" Exhibition within the project "Classic Abstract Art", "Beliaevo" Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
Abstraction is able to hypnotise, - says the curator of the exhibition, the artist David Ru - it releases the subconsciousness, provides a unique opportunity to reveal creative "I" to its maximum.

2013 - "To Moscow with love" Exhibition, Arts Square, Moscow, Russia.
Moscow International House of Music on the Red Hills on Saturday September 7 organises Open Air Festival to celebrate the Day of Moscow.

2013 - The International Photography Portrait Exhibition, Griffith Gallery on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA.
Curated by Andrey Martynov, "The Face: The Evolution of Portrait Photography" explores new and current trends in portrait photography. International in scope, the exhibition demonstrates the variety of approaches from experiments with traditional analogue photography and applications of new technologies.

2013 - "Portrait" Exhibition - the "Art today" project, Exhibition Hall on Begovaya and "Tushino" Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
This exhibition is being held as part of “Art Today” - an annual event of the Russian Creative Union of Artists. This is the tenth year the event has been held, and this year the chosen theme of the exhibition is one of the most difficult of disciplines in the visual arts – the portrait. The history of portraiture is remarkable. It has been practiced in a similar vein from the opulent portraits of Queen Nefertiti through to the experiments of twentieth-century avant-gardistes. The subject – a person from the world we know – can be constantly under the observing eye of the artist who strives to portray the creative ambience of their own era in the most truthful way. Portraiture tends towards realism, towards showing truthfulness – it's a defining condition of the genre. The creative treatment of the image is the artist's commitment to the model, demonstrating the timeless value of this genre and showing the primacy of art over life – the artistic universality of the individual, and the impression of a single moment.

2013 - "Days of Slavic art in Berlin" Art Week in Berlin, International exhibition of contemporary art in Berlin, Exhibition Hall of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture "Russian House". Berlin, Germany
2013 - "Portraits of Moments" Solo Exhibition, Svetlanov Hall, International Hall of Music, Moscow, Russia
This series of artworks – "Portraits Of Moments" – is an attempt to preserve moments of the 10th Anniversary of International House of Music. Instead of trying to freeze fragments of the concerts of legendary jazz, blues, and rock performers like Al Di Meola, Al Jarreau, Shakur S'Aida, Curtis Steigers, John Pizzarelli or Joe Bonamassa on camera in the Svetlanov Hall, these pictures try to convey the feelings and atmospheres of their performances in an artistic visual context.
The portraits are stripped away from their settings, and the resulting image doesn't overload their contextual reality. Photography in this case makes no attempt to imitate painting, nor does the author make any attempt to conceal the technical methods used – quite the reverse, pastel expanding the palette of expressive means becomes a facilitator in the portrayal of tonal, graphic and emotional accents in the image. House of Music is ever-ready for improvisation, to delight and surprise its audiences with daring and spectacular projects that cover the whole range of arts – music and portraiture, art-cinema and literature.
We put forward Helen Zakhtser's essay into the public eye – a documentary about the events with an individualistically artistic interpretation that allows a more natural portrayal of the happenings of this Anniversary year.

2012 - "Flower to flower" Exhibition, Gogol's House Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia
Artists of all times have painted flowers: Repin, Vrubel, Somov, Plastov, Makovsky, Fonvizin ... Painting a flower is, for the artist, like a Beauty oath or a declaration of love. Indeed what could be more beautiful than a flower? The exhibition is democratic in the selection "artistic shots" - the work of different authors has merged into a single celebration theme.

2012 - "Snow falls on everyone the same way " Exhibition, Chaliapin's Mansion Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"Snow falls on everybody the same way" is an exhibition of the artists from different genres and styles: from "naive" and "primitives" to the representatives of Russian impressionism and classical school of realism. The philosophy of the exhibition is the philosophy of kindness and mercy. Snow does fall on everybody the same way: on birds and people, on dogs and cats, on roofs and monuments, on trees and bushes, on stupid and clever, on rich and poor, on old and young ones. All people, all souls are equal for our Creator.

2012 - Russian Art Week, Center for contemporary Arts M'ARS, Moscow, Russia
13th Russian Art Week International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts is the longest running platform for contemporary, modern, historic and traditional fine art in Russia, CIS Countries and the rest of the world.
In the show's sectors the exhibition will present the highest quality paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, video and editioned works of the 20th and 21st centuries by more than 3,000 artists from Russia, CIS countries and around the globe.
At Russian Art Week in Moscow, collectors from around the world will discover the best art being produced in Russia and beyond, and enjoy the dynamic cross-cultural exchange that only this show and city can offer.

2012 - "FACE: evolution of portrait in photography" Arezzo Fotografia 2012, Arezzo, Italy
The FACE exhibition is dedicated to the evolution of the portrait in contemporary art photography. Artworks of over 50 authors from 20 countries were brought to Arezzo&Fotografia festival. Works by young artists are found side by side with the photographs by famous artists. The FACE combines traditional images and conceptual interpretations of portrait genre in various photographic techniques. Shown together in one exhibition, these artworks comprise an ensemble that does not claim to reflect the whole mass of ideas realized in contemporary photography today, but instead sheds light on the specifics and the place of portrait in contemporary art. Marco Bruni, a president of Associazione Fotografica Imago, said that the exhibition is seen as an enormous mosaic of the West and the East portraits, that underlines the international character of Arezzo & Fotografia (28 settembre - 7 ottobre 2012).

2011 - "Dance de Salon" Solo Exhibition, Hall of Columns, Dinamo Stadium, Moscow, Russia
The series "Danse de Salon" and "Danse sur la Glace" are a project in which the author has mixed facts & dreams, along with superimposing memories to make a shimmering image of the dancers which transmute the photograph into some amalgam of a display on a thermal image-screen, a pastel drawing, stenciled graffiti and a view through wet matte glass. Fixation on the movements, focus on the color and light have become tools for studying of a wide range of human emotions: joy, anger, passion, and suffering.

2011 - "Postrealizm. Version 1.0" Exhibition, "Black Dog" Gallery, Moscow, Russia
"Postrealism. Version 1.0 "is the first exhibition dedicated to DigitalArt. 10 years ago only professional photographers knew about digital photography and processing of digital images, while nowadays the joke that "Photoshop is a girl's best friend", has already become commonplace. Modern-day possibilities for image acquisition and processing are virtually unlimited. The degree of image modification ranges from light retouching, colour and texture correction through to complete re-processing of the original - and is limited only by author's imagination. Collage, inversions, deformations, rendering, application of the immense set of filters and plugins comprise standard tool set of а modern artist.
In this exhibition visitors can find a wide spectrum of styles from realism to abstraction, from graphics to paintings, although it became problematic to define art style clearly using commonly used terminology. Visual boundaries have expanded again, producing the most interesting results.

2011 - "Geometry & Plastique" Exhibition, "Gallery on Paschanaya", Moscow, Russia
The "Geometry & Plastique" exhibition presents works derived from a "pure" photography that reflects real people and real objects, as well as from virtual, digital images which do not have their prototypes in our own reality. Yet the authors were able to find an exact ratio between those two kingdoms: the real and the imaginary one. The works are created within the framework of virtual aesthetic experience - synthetically combining disparate principles and categories of classical and non-classical aesthetics.

2011 - "Improvisations & Interpretations" Exhibition, "Underground" Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
"Improvisations & Interpretations" on the themes of creativity and artistic discoveries of leading photographers of the XX century, as well as outstanding representatives of the various trends in art of the late XIX - XX centuries are presented in an exhibition organised by VGIK Photo & UnDerGroUnD at WINZAVOD. The photos on display create their effect by the mystery of light and shadow, symphony of colour, aggressive and simultaneously plastic abstract form-factor, looking to the aesthetics of pure form - inherently multimedia and virtual.

2018 - Home: Nominees in Americana category, Professional
            11th International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2017 - Bridge to Heaven: Nominees in Architecture category, Professional
            12th Black and White Spider Awards.
2016 - Somewhere In Between: Nominees in Architecture category, Professional
            11th Black and White Spider Awards.
2016 - Pattern 1: Nominees in Abstract category, Professional
            11th Black and White Spider Awards.
2016 - Pattern 2: Nominees in Abstract category, Professional
            11th Black and White Spider Awards.
2016 - Gazing at the Glazing: 3rd Place in Abstract category, Professional
            14th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2016 - Sunlight: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Landscape category, Professional,
            14th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2016 - Somewhere in Between: Honorable Mention in Architecture, Historic category, Professional,
            14th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2016 - Synchro Freestyle: Honorable Mention in Sport, Water Sport category, Professional,
            14th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2016 - Gazing at the Glazing: Bronze medal in Abstract category, Professional,
            10th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2016 - Abraham of Galich Convent: Honorable Mention in Nature category, Professional,
            10th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2016 - Earth Below My Feet: 1,2,3 places, Textile and Prints nomination, Professional Photography category,
            Russian Art Week, Lipetsk.
2016 - Draft: Honorable Mention in Still Life category, Professional,
            9th International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2016 - Gale: Honorable Mention in Abstract category, Professional,
            9th International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2016 - Gazing at the Glazing: Cover 1: Nominees in Abstract category, Professional
            9th International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2016 - Line: Nominees in Abstract category, Professional
            9th International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2016 - Split: 1 place, Decorative Art nomination, Professional Photography category,
            Russian Art Week, Novgorod.
2016 - Arona: 1 place, Textile and Prints nomination, Professional Photography category,
            Russian Art Week, Novgorod.
2015 - Transformation: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Special Effects, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Marcella: Honorable Mention in Editorial, Personality category, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Set: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Still Life category, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Warp: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Primitive 3: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Four Seasons: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            13th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2015 - Earth Below My Feet: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Architecture category, Professional,
            9th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2015 - Cachito De Cielo: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Still Life category, Professional,
            9th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2015 - Draft: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Still Life category, Professional,
            9th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2015 - Primitive 3: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            9th Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2015 - Station: Honorable Mention in Architecture category, Professional,
            8th Annual International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2015 - Vault: Construction 1: Nominees in Abstract category, Professional,
            8th Annual International Color Awards Competition (ICA).
2014 - La Vie en Rose: Honorable Mention in Nature, Sunset category, Professional,
            12th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2014 - Matter-of-Factness: Honorable Mention in Nature, Trees category, Professional,
            12th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2014 - Improvisations: Study 8: Honorable Mention in Nature, Trees category, Professional,
            12th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2014 - Station: Honorable Mention in Architecture, Interiors category, Professional,
            12th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2014 - Symbolic Structures: Second Prize in category Advertising Architecture, Professional,
            Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3).
2013 - Oblivion: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Landscape category, Professional,
            11th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2013 - Mise en Abyme: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            11th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2013 - Oblivion. To Vasco da Gama: Honorable Mention in Architecture, Bridges category, Professional,
            11th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2013 - Portraits of Moments: Honorable Mention in Advertising, Music category, Professional,
            11th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2013 - Oblivion. Go by: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Places category, Spring 2013 International,
            Professional Women Photographers (PWP).
2012 - In the Snow: 1 place, Landscape nomination, Professional Photography category,
            Russian Art Week.
2012 - Vault. Construction 1: Honorable Mention in Architecture, Interiors category, Professional,
            10th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
2012 - Vault. Construction 1: Honorable Mention in Fine Art, Abstract category, Professional,
            10th International Photography Awards Competition (IPA).
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