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A Limited Edition image means that the photograph is available in a fixed number of copies – usually from 5 to 500. Each copy is individually numbered, signed by the photographer, and may bear the photographer's monogram. The high quality of the professional materials and the privilege of technical back-up at high-end photo labs in Moscow such as ProLab and FotoLab, makes the author's copy unique. Thus it can be more than just an interior decoration, but become a collector's item and investment. (The smaller the number of copies issued in the Limited Edition, the higher the price of each individual copy becomes).

To order an author's verified copy of a Limited Edition work, choose the image which interests you and complete the feedback form.

Adding tailor-made design to your photograph doesn't underscore its significance and emphasise its completeness – it also makes its perception clearer, helps the viewer to concentrate on the image, brings emphasis to particular aspects of the image, and consequently increases the aesthetic impact the picture makes. There are a huge range of approaches in framing, such as the choice of a frame or passe-partout (colour, size, material, design) through to the situation of the work (taking the laws of perception into account) and its correct adjustment to the back part. The author's selection of frame, in collaboration with expert partners – specialists at the NeoArt company (the largest suppliers of frames, surrounding passe-partout card, and equipment & materials for frames in Russia and the CIS countries) turns a limited-edition image into a work of art. Thus all the works shown below already have an exhibition history.

To order an author's verified copy of a Limited Edition work with display design already in place, choose from images on this page, and complete the feedback form.

Photography sits at the intersection of science, technology and art, studying and using the methods and materials needed to get a stable visible image on a light-sensitive surface. Technology for producing photographic images can be divided into three principle kinds – analogue, digital, and hybrid. Allocation of photos to specific genres is connection with the dominant, by highlighting the subject by means of expressive elements. 
The main genres are:
- still life
- landscape
- portrait
- 'genre' photography
- documentary photography, including reportage photography (or a series of photographs) which illustrate a particular event; press photography, and sports photography
- architectural photography
Photo sessions can be staged – either outcall, or in the studio.

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Art-Leasing is an alternative to purchase for those who understand and value the real virtue in a genuine piece of art. Leasing which gives priority option to purchase the work in question not only spread the load of a single cash payment over a number of smaller monthly payments, but also gives the opportunity to change the work for another after some time, to vary the display.

You can arrange to rent a work by completing the form below – and add the final touch to the interior of your home or office, for a corporate event, or a presentation with an expressive aesthetic approach. In certain circumstances the work can be sent on a commission basis, with the option for sale and commission earnings for the temporary owner.

There's nothing that can so vibrantly characterise the uniqueness of an interior as the embodiment of the owner's personality as resolved in a variety of materials and forms. Your own world – those closest to you, the pastimes you adore, your favourite things – when opened up by an author and transformed into photographic language, can fill the space with its own energy, allowing the photographs themselves to become points of emotional attraction.

To discuss your ideas and the ways they could be realised, please complete the feedback form.